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Speechlogger is a great speech recognition (speech to text) and instant voice translation web app. It runs Google's speech-to-text technologies for the best results. The only web app with auto-punctuation, auto-save, timestamps, in-text editing capability, transcription of audio files, export options (to text and captions) and more. No user registration needed & it's completely free!

Automatic Punctuation Settings
When automatic punctuation is on, Speechlogger will end sentences in with a mark when:
The sentences start with one of the following sequences:
Or, when they end with one of the following:
Or, when they contain one of the following sequences:
In all other cases, the sentence will end with a period.
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Click or speak the following punctuation marks, to append to dictation results:


TIP: Press "Enter" ↵ to finalize speech results while dictating

Possible use-case are: voice typewriter (speech to text); real time automatic-interpreter (instant translator from voice to text & voice); hearing aid; caption phone; subtitles generator and more. Compatible with your PC, Chromebook, laptop, Windows & Android devices, phones & tablets (running a Chrome browser).

Phone captions for the deaf and hearing impaired

Turn your screen into an awesome caption-phone. It is completely automatic, with no human-typist hearing your conversations. Are the grandparents finding it hard to hear family and friends over the phone? Turn on Speechlogger for them and stop yelling over the phone. Simply connect the phone's audio output to your computer's audio input and run Speechlogger. It is also helpful in face to face interactions.

Automatic transcription

Have you recorded an interview? Save some time on transcribing it, with Google's automatic speech to text brought to your browser by Speechlogger. Play the recorded interview into your computer's microphone (or line-in) and let speechlogger do the transcription. Speechlogger saves the transcribed text along with the date, time and your comments. It also lets you edit the text. Phone conversations can be transcribed using the same method. You can also transcribe audio files directly from your computer, as described further down.

Automatic Interpreter and Translator

Meeting with foreign guests? Bring a laptop (or two) with speechlogger and a microphone. Each party will see the other's spoken words translated into their own language in real time. It is also useful on a phone call in a foreign language, to make sure you fully understand the other side. Connect your phone's audio output to your computer's line-in and start Speechlogger.

Learn foreign languages ​​and perfect your pronunciation

Speechlogger is a great tool for learning languages and can be used ​​in several ways. You can use it to learn vocabulary by speaking in your native language and letting the software translate it. You can learn and practice correct pronunciation by talking in the foreign language and seeing whether Speechlogger understands or not. If the transcribed text is in black font it means you pronounced it well.

Generating subtitles for movies

Speechlogger can automatically transcribe movies, or other audio files. Then take the file and automatically translate it into any language to produce international subtitles.

Dictate instead of typing

Writing emails? Papers? Lists? Summaries? Whatever it is you need to type, try dictating it to Speechlogger instead. Speechlogger will automatically save it for you, and will let you export it to a document.

Fun game :)

Can you imitate a Chinese speaker? French? What about Russian? Try to imitate a foreign language and see what you just said with Speechlogger. Use Speechlogger's simultaneous translation to understand what you just said. Get surprising results - it's a lot of fun!

Youtube on How to turn your browser into a real-time interpreter

Youtube & Instructions on How to Automatically Transcribe Audio Files

Two possible solutions for transcribing audio files:
a) Solution 1: play the file with an external device into your computer using a line-in cable.
b) Solution 2: Install a "virtual line-in cable" as described in this youtube. While this is more complex than the first solution, it will likely be more successful.
The software we use (not affiliated with us) is VoiceMeeter:
Downloadable from:
1) After you've installed it, go to your computer's playback devices (how?) and choose "VoiceMeeter Input" as your default playback device.
2) Open VoiceMeeter and play an audio file or a youtube video just to make sure you hear it well.
3) Refresh Speechlogger (by pressing F5) and click on the app's mic to start.
4) While it is running, go to the Chrome address bar. There, click on the small camera icon.
5) Choose "VoiceMeeter Output" as your mic (and make sure speechlogger is always allowed).
6) Refresh the page (press F5)
7) Click the app's mic to begin and play your audio file. The results will appear on the screen.
8) Optional: export to captions (.srt format).

For a voice controlled notepad - text editor by dictation - try our NEW: SPEECHNOTES

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