Automatic Transcription, Captioning &
Instant Translation

Transcribe, translate (voice-to-voice), generate video captions & more using Speechlogger's high accuracy with auto-punctuation, auto-save, timestamps, read out loud & more.

- Broadcast live captions - Transcribe & translate online meetings & more. Click to try the new Speechlogger Live alpha release.

- Simply click the mic and start talking.
- For the first time only, you'll be asked for microphone-permission.

Looking for dictation notepad, that includes editing capabilities? Switch to Speechnotes - our designated dictation web app, which is free and offers better design & features specifically for dictating.
For automatically transcribing recordings, audio & video files use our new service Speechnotes Files

Automatic Punctuation Settings
When automatic punctuation is on, Speechlogger will end sentences in with a mark when
The sentences start with one of the following sequences
Or, when they end with one of the following
Or, when they contain one of the following sequences
In all other cases, the sentence will end with a period.
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Features & Use Cases

Here are some of the most common use cases for Speechlogger and our other speech-to-text related services:

Generate Captions for Videos

Generate .srt files, using Speechlogger’s automatica transcription for your own speech, movies, or other audio files. Then you may take the file and automatically translate it into any language to produce international subtitles. For best results it is best to listen to the movie and dictate it yourself in real time.

Instant Translation = Automatic Interpreter

Meeting with foreign guests? Bring a laptop (or two) with speechlogger and a microphone. Each party will see the other’s spoken words translated into their own language in real time. It is also useful on a phone call in a foreign language, to make sure you fully understand the other side. Connect your phone’s audio output to your computer’s line-in and start Speechlogger.

Hearing Impaired Assistance

Both for face to face interactions, and as a caption-phone, Speechlogger can assist the hard of hearing by showing them on the big screen whatever is being said. It is completely automatic, with no human-typist hearing your conversations. Are the grandparents finding it hard to hear family and friends over the phone? Turn on Speechlogger for them and stop yelling over the phone. Simply connect the phone’s audio output to your computer’s audio input and run Speechlogger. Use this phone adapter for connecting any land line to your PC.

Automatic Transcription

Have you recorded an interview? Save some time on transcribing it, with Google’s automatic speech to text. Either upload it to our new service for transcribing files or use your browser with Speechlogger (somewhat cumbersome): Play the recorded interview into your computer’s microphone (or line-in) and let speechlogger do the transcription. Speechlogger saves the transcribed text along with the date, time and your comments. It also lets you edit the text. Phone conversations can be transcribed using the same method. You can also transcribe audio files directly from your computer, as described further

Dictate in Any Website

Bring speech recognition capabilities into ANY text box on ANY website using SpeechnotesX Chrome extension. Voice Type directly into most common website’s text-boxes. Including Gmail, WordPress (using the TEXT tab), any text area input and more. We promise 100% Satisfaction guaranteed. If it doesn’t work as you expected - we’ll give you full refund - no questions asked.

Fun to Learn Foreign Languages

Speechlogger is a great tool for learning languages and can be used ​​in several ways. You can use it to learn vocabulary by speaking in your native language and letting the software translate it. You can learn and practice correct pronunciation by talking in the foreign language and seeing whether Speechlogger understands or not. If the transcribed text is in black font it means you pronounced it well.