Welcome to Speechlogger's voice controlled text editor. Click the mic to start dictating.

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Use our main app for real time natural speech-to-text and instant translation (e.g. phone-captions, interviews, movies timestamp-captioning and automatic interpretation). Speechlogger's real time captioning app.

Use the following for a voice controlled notepad.

Voice commands: "backspace" - deletes last spoken word; "go back" - jumps backwards one word; "go to end" - takes the cursor to the end of the document; Also dictate punctuation commands such as: period; question mark; comma; new paragraph; and etc.


To operate the web-app follow these simple steps:

1) Connect a mic to your computer. Check that the mic is connected and working properly.
2) Make sure you are using a Chrome browser. If you're not here already, open the app (https://speechlogger.appspot.com/)
3) Choose the language for dictation
4) [Optional:] Click "Auto-punctuation" and set it up
5) Click the large mic icon in the center of the app.
6) [For the first time only:] Once you click on the mic, the browser will ask for permission to listen to your mic. Chrome will show you the question in a line underneath the address bar. Click "Allow". If the line did not appear, look for a small camera icon in the address bar itself. This is done to protect your security.
7) Start dictating. Start slowly at first to become familiar with the app's pace. The transcribed text will appear on the screen as you talk in real time.

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Thanks & love, Speechlogger team